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November Webinars from HC Link

November 13, 20, & 27, 2012

November 13th: Engaging Rural Communities,

This webinar provides an overview of theory, best practices, tools and resources for effectively engaging rural communities. The webinar will focus mainly on challenges particular to rural communities, and strategies for overcoming these challenges. Guest speakers will share success stories and lessons learned through their work in rural communities. Participants can expect: increased awareness of effective strategies for engaging rural communities and populations; and opportunities for participants to share successes, challenges and resources.

November 20th: How to Develop a Bilingual Organizational Culture

This webinar is intended for those who work in mostly English-speaking environments or in organizations with very little experience with engaging Francophones. The webinar will provide an overview of different aspects to consider for the process to successfully develop a bilingual organizational culture.The panel will feature four organizations with lengthy experience in bilingual organizational culture: Ophea, Catholic Family Services of Durham; CHIGAMIK Community Health Centre and Health Nexus. These panel members will share with us their challenges, successes and experiences in creating and living a bilingual organisational culture.

November 27th: Social Media Overview – Getting a Grasp of the Basics

This will be a basic introduction to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google +, Tumblr and LinkedIn. Before attending our webinar, find out if you have a neglected LinkedIn page, Twitter handle or other social media account. Bring your questions and curiosity! Participants will be able to understand the different purposes and engagement levels of each tool, as well as have a better understanding of the "social media" culture and values.