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Health Writers, Middlesex London Health Unit

London, Ontario
Deadline October 23, 2012

Middlesex London Health Unit is seeking 2 to 3 health writers (on contract) which will work with health professionals to develop web based health information. The writers will apply health literacy principles and revise existing information and create new information for the clients that access the health unit website for this information; this information will basically pertain to Family Health Services and will relate to a variety of health topics. Writers will be developing health content for families with children of 0-6 years of age, 7-12 years and 13-24 years. Target populations will include parents, health professionals, educators, social workers, caregivers, healthy school communities and youth.

Writers will be required to have previous experience in writing health content, clear language writing skills, and knowledge about the HON code and health literacy requirements; he/she will also possess an ability to write to specific target populations. 

If interested please provide a resume along with 2 references, a sample of related work,  and email Christine Preece, Middlesex-London Health Unit,  [email protected] no later than October 23rd.

Anticipated hours for each writer will be 180 hours earning no more than $4860.00. All writing must be completed by December 28th.