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CONFERENCE & SPRING MEETING, Health Promotion Ontario (Public Health)

We invite you or your colleagues to join us for the 1999 Health Promotion Ontario conference which promises to be exciting and innovative. The theme, "THE FUTURE OF COMMUNICATIONS IN HEALTH PROMOTION AND PUBLIC HEALTH" will expand your thinking skills outside the box as we enhance your professional development with several outstanding presentations and workshops.

Mike Mandel, master hypnotist and motivational speaker, of Brain Software will articulate on the subject of maximizing your personal potential and interpersonal communication. Along the same theme, we shall explore the benefits and opportunities of web sites, where the industry is going and how health promotion can catch the wave. Perspectives on health promotion and where we are going, along with key sharing sessions of new innovative programs and projects are bound to deliver the type of networking that will keep you on the leading edge of public health.

Schedule May 6th and 7th for the HPO(ph) Spring Meeting now!!! Cost ranges from $50-$200 (part - full event) For more information or registration, call Catherine Tetrault at 613-724-4122 ext.3646 or email Do not miss this opportunity!