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ITC Research Associate, University of Waterloo

Waterloo, Ontario
Deadline February 19, 2013

Job Title:  ITC Research Associate
Date:  Feb 4, 2013
Reports To (Job Title): ITC Research Scientist
Jobs Reporting (Job Titles):  None, although there will be itc project personnel reporting on a task-by-task basis
Department:  International Tobacco Control Policy Evaluation Project (The ITC Project) in the Department of Psychology
Location:  Main Campus (is scheduled to move to the RAC1 building on north campus in 2013)
Contract:  One Year Temporary Contract

ITC Project Organization:

The ITC Project is an international collaboration of over 100 tobacco control researchers across 22 countries whose mission is to evaluate the behavioural and psychological impact of national-level tobacco control policies of the World Health Organization Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC), the first-ever international treaty on health. The ITC Project consists of a set of parallel annual cohort surveys of large, probability samples of tobacco users and non-users of tobacco in those 22 countries: Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, Thailand, Malaysia, South Korea, China, Mexico, Uruguay, Brazil, France, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand, India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Kenya, and Zambia.

Our funding sources include the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, the US National Cancer Institute, Cancer Research UK, National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia, and the Ontario Institute of Cancer Research, as well as other governmental and foundation sources throughout the ITC countries.

The ITC Project at UW is directed by Dr. Geoffrey T. Fong (Department of Psychology), who is also the Chief Principal Investigator of the overall ITC Project. The Data Management Centre is directed by Dr. Mary E. Thompson (Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science). Additional leadership and support is provided by other faculty members and staff, including the ITC Administrative Manager, Country Project Management Group (ITC Research Scientist and Research Associates), Data Management Centre (DMC; Data Analysts, Statisticians, Survey Management Group), Administrative Assistant, and graduate and undergraduate student Research Assistants.

The ITC Project is in the midst of significant growth. Funding for the entire ITC Project is anticipated to continue to increase significantly, with a concomitant increase in personnel. Equally important is that the international profile of our work has been increasing and will continue to increase.

Primary Purpose:

Organize, lead, manage and monitor overall planning and implementation of ITC Surveys in assigned countries (currently anticipated countries/areas include India, Bangladesh, Thailand, Malaysia) and coordinate and/or collaborate in research with Dr. Fong, the ITC Research Scientist, the ITC research investigators of those assigned countries, and the ITC Investigators in other countries as relevant. This includes support for grant applications, ethics documentation, Memorandums of Understanding, country team project management, and survey wave deployment.

Key Accountabilities:

In each of the countries where the ITC Research Associate has responsibility, he/she has the following key accountabilities:

  • Country Project Planning including timelines, budgets, documentation
  • Survey development and implementation, fieldwork progress, and data management
  • Document creation and submission including ethics, memoranda of understanding, protocols
  • Project coordination and implementation including relevant research and travel to assigned country at various project stages such as survey implementation, training, national report release
  • Research, grant applications, and report writing including literature searches and use of research findings to support survey development, technical reports, national reports, and scientific papers

Position Requirements:


  • Thesis- or research-based Master’s or PhD Degree.

Other requirements:

  • Ability to multitask with multiple countries is required.
  • Knowledge of a second language is an asset.


  • Experience in survey research and project management in an academic setting.
  • Demonstrated experience in communicating with research collaborators with tact and diplomacy.
  • Strong communication skills in both verbal and written form.
  • Strong background in research writing and in translating research findings (for example, data analysis output) into written form is highly desirable.

Minimum Technical Requirements:

  • MS Word Advanced
  • MS Excel Intermediate
  • MS PowerPoint Advanced
  • Other MS Project - Basic

Nature and Scope:

Interpersonal Contacts: Reports to the ITC Research Scientist. Internally, communicates and collaborates with ITC Knowledge and Translation Manager and all ITC Research Associates, Dr. Fong, DMC personnel (Data Analysts, Statisticians, and Survey Management Group). Externally, this position will have significant contacts with investigators from assigned countries in settling highly sensitive and confidential matters that are critical to the project.

Level of Responsibility: Responsible and accountable for the successful implementation of the survey and for the quality of the collected data in the assigned countries.

Decision-Making Authority: Responsible and accountable for planning priorities in the assigned countries that may have overlapping wave timelines and addressing any changes to strategic business plans by consulting directly with the ITC Research Scientist as appropriate.

Physical and Sensory Demands: Demanding position typical with travelling to foreign countries.

Working Environment: This position involves international travel. The Research Associates may be exposed to disagreeable and stressful conditions associated with traveling to and collaborating with foreign countries in an uncertain and fast-paced environment.

Applications can be sent to the following contact prior to end of day February 19, 2013:

Dana Komer - ITC Administrative Manager
Department of Psychology – University of Waterloo
200 University Avenue West
Waterloo ON CANADA N2L 3G1
519.888.4567 Ext. 38583