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Nurse Practitioners: Partners in Improving the Health Care System, OHA

Toronto, Ontario
March 25, 2013
With the implementation of Bill 179 and the focus on Bill 46, Nurse Practitioners are playing a bigger role than ever in helping to make the health care system more efficient.

Nurse Practitioners have the knowledge, skill and judgment in delivering safe, effective, quality care to patients in Ontario.

This conference will address how the expanded scope of practice for Nurse Practitioners is helping to meet the ER/ALC challenge and ensuring accessible high quality health care for all.

Topics include:

  • How institutions (i.e., acute, LTC) are leading the implementation and integration of Nurse Practitioners in their organizations
  • Liability Issues for Nurse Practitioners: Case Studies
  • The Lakeridge Experience: One Year Later
  • An Update to Bill 179
  • A Review of the Nurse Practitioner Toolkit
  • Credentialing
  • LHINs: How the Nurse Practitioner Role is Supported

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