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Online Course in Intentional Youth Development, Parks and Recreation Ontario

If you work with youth, or supervise staff who work with adolescents, this new online course on Intentional Youth Development (IYD) will be of interest to you.  

The 2 module course, each module being 1.5 hours long, provides information to help you intentionally build a positive youth development (PYD) approach into your programs and services. Building PYD into your program structure ensures that you have a consistent approach to meeting the needs of youth participants, regardless of who is leading the program.   

The course starts by providing a tool for you to assess your organization'€™s readiness to adopt IYD. It then introduces a tool to help you enhance your program by: reviewing your policies and procedures: observing what is happening in the program: and inquiring to obtain feedback from participating youth. Finally, there is a tool to assess how your organization is supporting positive youth development through nine organizational characteristics of funding, staff, program, facility, partnerships, development, administration, marketing and event risk management.   

A certificate is provided upon course completion.

The cost is $49 plus tax for members of Parks and Recreation Ontario and $69 plus tax for non-members.   

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For further information, please contact:   

Parks and Recreation Ontario
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