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RIRO Trainer “Intensive”

Toronto, Ontario
May 27-31, 2013

Train service providers in your community how to build resilience in young children…

Join more than 200 RIRO trainers across Canada in delivering Reaching IN…Reaching OUT (RIRO)’s evidence-based resiliency skills training program for SERVICE PROVIDERS who work with young children (7 years and under) and their families.

RIRO resiliency skills training helps service providers increase their capacity to role model resilience and teach children child-friendly skills to help them handle life's inevitable challenges, and take opportunities that support healthy development and well-being. The training also helps service providers cope more effectively with work and life stresses and provides a framework to enhance their reflective practice.

Registration forms and details about becoming a RIRO trainer (and Bounce Back & Thrive! – our new skills training program for parents) are available at

Space is limited, so please register early and save $ (Early Bird deadline April 26, 2013).

For more information contact