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Launch of CPHA's New Frontline Health Website

We are pleased to announce the launch of CPHA’s new online initiative focusing on social determinants of health (SDH) approaches to improve health and health equity:

Our Frontline Health: Beyond Health Care website is designed to inform and mobilize the public health community and aligned sectors about innovative SDH-based initiatives implemented by local communities and the health and social service organizations that serve them.

Using a narrative journalism approach, CPHA’s Frontline Health website documents Canadian success stories and features:

  • audio clips of the real-life experiences of those involved in SDH and health equity efforts;
  • backgrounders and supporting materials about the initiatives; and
  • tools and resources designed to improve health and health equity through an SDH approach.

Featured stories are drawn from community sites across the country, covering a wide range of SDH-related issues (e.g., socio-economic status, education and literacy, structured employment, culture and language), in varying contexts (e.g., rural and remote, urban, peri-urban) and benefiting a variety of populations (e.g., youth, poor working families, Aboriginal peoples).
We are building a community of practice to influence policy discussions about what constitutes an SDH approach to health and health equity. We also want to promote effective intersectoral SDH-based actions in more communities as a practical means for achieving “health for all”.

We welcome your comments, observations and ideas to improve the website. You can share these by e-mail: