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Wellbeing Toronto Online Mapping Tool Updated

Wellbeing Toronto was significantly upgraded and officially launched today as Version 2:

As most of you know, this on-line mapping application is a web-based measurement tool that enables access to community economic and social wellbeing indicators across City of Toronto's 140 neighbourhoods. It provides a number of facts and measures that allows a range of users (residents, private sector, Toronto Council, operating divisions, professional and technical staff, academics, community organizations, other orders of government) to custom select and combine data, viewing their results instantly on a map.  

This tool is designed to raise awareness and understanding of the different neighbourhoods that comprise the city.  It is equally a support tool for Council and staff in the development of policies and programs that require a place-based neighbourhood perspective.  
This major release enhances upon the first version we launched back in late 2011. The basic navigation has not changed, but you will see a number of new exciting features:

  • A new function has been added to map multiple years of data so you can see how neighbourhoods have changed over time.
  • You can now click on and see specific types of services by address. View the details of the community-based services in your neighbourhood.
  • Polarity allows an indicator to be inverted when calculating a composite index (eg, crime would be negative, parkspace could be positive).
  • A number of new indicators have been added, such as: Watermain Breaks, Salvation Army Donations, and our new Linguistic Diversity Index.
  • Many indicators have been updated to 2011 or later (including the latest Census data. The data will be updated more frequently as well.    
  • Video tutorials will now be part of our ongoing commitment to simplify and explain Wellbeing Toronto to a wider audience.
  • Finally, we have made the tool more user-friendly by using easier language.

We hope that these new features and additions will help you to better understand Toronto's diverse neighbourhoods!