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Annual NICE Knowledge Exchange, National Initiative for the Care of the Elderly

Toronto, Ontario
May 23, 2013

Hart House, University of Toronto

Co-author of best seller, Connected: The surprising power of social networks and how they shape our lives, James Fowler, PhD is the Keynote speaker at the 2013 Annual NICE Knowledge Exchange,. In his keynote, Dr. Fowler will reveal the dynamics of these social networks and will present compelling evidence on the profound influence they have on our health, wealth, and even happiness.

In Connected, the authors explain why emotions are contagious, how health behaviours spread, why the rich get richer, even how we find and choose our partners. Intriguing and entertaining, Connected overturns the notion of the individual and provides a revolutionary paradigm - that social networks influence our ideas, emotions, health, relationships, behaviour, politics and much more. It will change the way we think about every aspect of our lives.

The 2013 Knowledge Exchange will also feature interactive workshops including: Elder Abuse-Using deception: Fraudulent Offences and Preventative Approaches with Dr. Thomas Goergen; Depression with Dr. Lesley Wiesenfeld; Sexuality & Aging with Valerie Barr and Environment & Aging with Dr. Samir Sinha.
The NICE Theme Team Sessions will focus on Caregiving with Dr. Peter Donahue; Dementia Care with Dr. Peter Whitehouse; Economic Security & Financial Literacy-Planning for Retirement with FCAC's Roger Dowdall; Elder Abuse-NICE National Prevalence Study with Dr. Ariela Lowenstein; End of Life - Shared Care with Dr. Christopher Klinger; Ethnicity & Aging with Dr. Ho Hon Leung; Law & Aging-Predatory Marriages with Prof. Albert Oosterhoff and Mental Health-Mood Disorders with Dr. Robert Madan.

NICE is also pleased to sponsor a student poster competition.

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We look forward to welcoming you all in May.

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