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Fundraising Trends, Sustainability Network and the Hilborn Group

Toronto, Ontario
May 30, 2013

7:30-9 a.m.
Sustainability Network, Ground Floor Boardroom, 215 Spadina Avenue

You need to raise more money – but how? This breakfast session offers you great tips and a question-and-answer session with four top experts in fundraising. All are contributing authors to the very valuable new book Essentials of Fundraising in Canada, which will be available for you at a discount on site. We are planning four 10-minute presentations:

  • How to make an event greener than ever. Guidelines and tips to make your next event a green one.
  • What you need to know in order to do it well, based on research for Certified Fund Raising Executives.
  • The digital age and fundraising: how you find the right place for digital (online, web, email, mobile) fundraising now and in the future?
  • What’s your plan? How to pull different types of fundraising together into a strategy that leads to sustainable income.

The panel:

  • Hala Bissada, President & CEO of Hala Events
  • Sharilyn Hale, Principal of Watermark Philanthropic Advising
  • Mike Johnston, President and Founder, Hewitt and Johnston Consultants (hjc) and the UK company, Xtraordinary
  • Ken Wyman, Professor in Fundraising Management at Humber College

Registration is $20 and available at