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Evaluation Workshops from the Canadian Evaluation Society

Toronto, Ontario
June 9, 2013

The Canadian Evaluation Society has attracted two top names in evaluation to deliver professional development workshops on Sunday, June 9th at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel in Toronto. They do not often visit Toronto, and so it’s a great opportunity – and workshop registration is only $300 ($80 for full-time students) plus tax.

Here’s the good news: you do not have to attend (and pay for) the conference in order to register for these workshops. You only need to be a CES member: $165 annual fee ($60 for students).

Empowerment Evaluation - Beginner
David Fetterman (USA)
Empowerment evaluation builds program capacity and fosters program improvement.  It teaches people how to help themselves by learning how to evaluate their own programs.  The approach is guided by process use – the more that people conduct their own evaluations the more likely they are to find their findings and recommendations credible and the more likely they are to use them. The role of the evaluator is that of a coach or facilitator in an empowerment evaluation.  The workshop will also highlight how empowerment evaluation produces measurable outcomes with case studies.

Causal Inference for Qualitative and Mixed Methods - Intermediate
E. Jane Davidson (New Zealand)
Many people argue that causal inference simply can’t be done without large-scale quantitative studies, high-powered statistical techniques, and the ability to control the program or intervention. But aren’t there ways to get an approximate answer to the causal question, even using qualitative or mixed method evidence? I think there are – and that’s what this workshop is about. You will learn eight practical, common sense strategies to build an evidence base for causal contribution: (1) Ask observers; (2) Match content to outcomes; (3) Modus operandi; (4) Logical timing; (5) Dose-response link; (6) Comparisons; (7) Control variables; (8) Causal mechanisms. You will also learn how a judicious mix of evidence can be woven to build a case for a causal claim - to a level of certainty that makes sense in that context.

View the full list of workshops planned for CES Toronto 2013 and make your choice ahead of time: