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Webinar & Report Launch--Connecting the Dots: How Ontario Public Health Units Are Addressing Child & Youth Mental Health

July 10, 2013

1:00-2:30 p.m.
Join us as we release the report Connecting the Dots: How Ontario Public Health Units are Addressing Child and Youth Mental Health. This report outlines the findings of a research project by Public Health Ontario, Toronto Public Health, and the CAMH Health Promotion Resource Centre, which explored activities undertaken by public health units to address and promote mental health in children and youth. The study also invited the participants’ thoughts on barriers, enablers and opportunities for support and improvement.

In this webinar, we will overview the findings of Connecting the Dots to provide a provincial snapshot of mental health activities for children and youth currently underway in public health.

A panel of public health stakeholders will reflect on the report, including the role of public health in mental health, and respond to audience questions.

Confirmed Panelists:

  • Dr. Heather Manson, Chief, Health Promotion, Chronic Disease and Injury Prevention, Public Health Ontario
  • Lynne Hanna, Manager, School Years Health, Halton Region Health Department, Region of Halton

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