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Newly Revised--One Step at a Time Self-help Cessation Guides

Smokers’ Helpline is excited to announce that the newly revised One Step at a Time (OSAAT) booklets are now available. All three booklets and one pamphlet have been updated to include a refreshed look and more streamlined information while still delivering evidence-based information about tobacco and smoking cessation.

Some notable highlights:

  • More workable space, including tear out worksheets in "For Smokers Who Want to Quit"
  • More visuals and diagrams to help explain the information and break up the text
  • In "Want to Quit", a chart detailing the different kinds of Nicotine Replacement Therapy and Pharmacotherapy
  • More of a focus on the helper in "Help a Smoker Quit", to ensure that they are provided with the tools and knowledge they need

What is One Step at a Time?

One Step at a Time is a series of booklets about smoking. Whether you’re a smoker who wants to quit, a smoker who doesn’t want to quit, or a family member or friend of a smoker, there’s a booklet for you. Quitting smoking is a process, not a single step. The booklets will help you understand why people smoke and, if you’re ready to quit, will guide you through the process.

These free guides have been reviewed by independent experts and are based on the best available science about quitting smoking.

How to order One Step at a Time booklets

It’s easy to get a free printed copy of any of the One Step at a Time booklets. Simply call 1-888-939-3333, visit your local Canadian Cancer Society office, or order online at Materials and support are also available through Smokers’ Helpline, 1 877 513-5333 or online at

  • Self-help guides about quitting smoking
  • For Smokers Who Want to Quit
  • For Smokers Who Don’t Want to Quit
  • Help a Smoker Quit