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Parental Support Person, Therapeutic Milieu Home, Hands

North Bay, Ontario
Deadline July 8, 2013

HANDS, the Family Help Network, will open a new “Therapeutic Milieu Home (TMH)” in North Bay, Ontario August 2013. It is the first of its kind in Nipissing/Parry Sound/Muskoka Districts providing long term residential care for children and youth with complex special needs who are unable to live at home due to the complexity and challenges of their needs. See the HANDS website for the job posting, “Parental Support Person”:

Why is this home important?

With the home in North Bay, the child or youth with complex special needs can live in their community close to their parents, family/kin, schools and service providers. This will eliminate the need for children or youth to be sent far away from home to find a place to live that can accommodate their needs. Children and youth who live in this home will enjoy the benefits of maintaining family and social relationships. Being situated in the child or youth’s home community means the primary care system and treatment team will continue to provide the mental health, social, and health services within the home community without disruption.

Who will live in the home?

The home currently has three beds and will serve children 6 to 18 years of age with complex special needs. To be admitted to the home the child or youth is identified through Intensive Service Coordination Services. The long term funding necessary to support the child or youth’s placement in the TMH is approved through the Case Resolution process. The new “Parental Support Person” (or couple) will also reside in the home.

Who runs the home?

The TMH is owned and run by HANDS, The Family Health Network, North Bay, Ontario. HANDS is now hiring an experienced well trained “Parental Support Person” (or couple) who will live in the home with the children or youth. The “Parental Support Person” will make the house a comfortable home with a therapeutic family like atmosphere. The “Parental Support Person” will work with the parents to help each resident develop, grow and learn. Staying connected to family and kin is an important part of the family experience provided. Youth Workers will also work with the residents, helping them meet their learning and developmental goals.

For more information view the job posting at the site (above), contact or leave a message at HANDS reception 705-476-2299 and we will return your call.