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Tobacco Reduction Specialist, Government of Nunavut, Department of Health

Iqaluit, Nunavut
Deadline August 23, 2013

Term Contract Opportunity

Timeframe: Four (4) months– Beginning approximately September 30th 2013 - January 30 2014 (with the possibility of an extension).

Background and General Description:

The Government of Nunavut (GN) Department of Health is seeking the services of a qualified individual, to provide policy and program planning leadership in the area of tobacco control. The Tobacco Reduction Specialist (TRS) is the program lead responsible for the overall implementation of the territory’s tobacco reduction initiatives, including all actions outlined in the Government of Nunavut’s Tobacco Reduction Framework for Action - a multi-year strategy to reduce the harmful effects of tobacco in Nunavut. The TRS plays the pivotal leadership and coordination role at the territorial level to ensure the implementation of this strategy is carried out as planned and updated in a timely manner, reflective of new research and evidence and evaluation information pertaining to tobacco reduction in Nunavut and elsewhere.

Reporting to the Executive Director of Population Health, the TRS will design, develop, and implement initiatives that promote wellness and tobacco free living. The TRS provides leadership to a team of program staff to support school and community health education on tobacco. Together with the program team, the TRS builds awareness and engages communities in tobacco reduction and control; enforces the Tobacco Control Act and undertakes research, monitoring and evaluation.

The TRS provides guidance to other tobacco program staff to ensure tobacco control efforts are focused, in accordance with the activities outlined in the Tobacco Reduction Framework for Action and monitored via an effective financial management and reporting system. Reporting to the Director of Population Health, the TRS will also be responsible to prepare briefings, reports and engage in strategic planning processes with Senior Management at the GN Department of Health.

Scope of Work

During the four month duration, the TRS will:

  • Contribute towards the development and implementation the Tobacco Has No Place Here campaign - a mass media campaign focused on challenging the norm of tobacco use in Nunavut. This will involve working closely social marketing consultants and as well as other Department of Health program staff, including a part-time campaign support staff. The TRS will be a coordinating force between all project partners. Along with other project partners, the TRS will work to develop of key message concepts for the 2014 campaign products and media promotions. The messages should be in line with the Strategic Direction Document for the Tobacco Has No Place Here campaign, Inuit societal values, and current promising practice research in tobacco control. The development and launch of a territory-wide quit smoking contest will be one of the main deliverables developed by a 3rd party contractor during the four month timeframe. The TRS will assist in developing the parameters surrounding this initiative.
  • Support external contractors in the development phase of a formal evaluation of the Tobacco Reduction Framework for Action. The TRS will be the primary point of contact for the 3rd party evaluation team and will be responsible for providing the Evaluators with program information and available baseline data to support the development of an Evaluation Plan, including logic model and literature review. Responsibilities will also include recruiting and assembling a multi-stakeholder Evaluation Committee made up of GN and non-governmental representatives. The TRS will host an in-person meeting between the Evaluators and the Evaluation Committee in November/December 2013. At this meeting the TRS will coordinate a review and approval process for the Evaluation Plan in consultation with the evaluation committee.
  • Lead the design and delivery of presentations for management and staff; drafting correspondence and briefing notes for management in response to tobacco-related enquiries and issues. Spearhead the development of contracts and other procurement documents on behalf of the tobacco team, as well as funding reports and funding measurement tools.
  • Provide guidance to the Tobacco Reduction team, currently comprised of a Tobacco Program Coordinator and Administrative Officer to incorporate current Tobacco Reduction Framework for Action objectives into their respective roles and responsibilities. Additionally, work with the GN Department of Human Resources on a review of six proposed job descriptions, including a Tobacco Program Media Coordinator, Clinical Educator Community Engagement Facilitator, Tobacco Reduction Specialist, and Tobacco Control Officer. The TRS will ensure that the job description review process is on track and that positions are posted for competition in a timely manner.
  • Track and monitor all tobacco control activities and update the Tobacco Reduction Framework for Action Implementation Plan accordingly to report on spending and prepare for future territorial tobacco reduction strategic planning updates. This will include development of a comprehensive financial management reporting system, to ensure that expenditures are carefully accounted for.


The services of the TRS are required by the end of September until January 30, 2014, with possibility of extension. Compensation is $40.64/hour with an additional northern allowance bonus of $7.70/hour. Subsidized accommodation is available at a subsidized rate of approximately $1100/month. If the successful candidate is not already located in Iqaluit, return airfare from normal place of residence to Iqaluit will be provided, based on a reasonable departure location in Canada.

Candidate Requirements

Interested candidates for the TRS position should possess the following combination of education and experience requirements. Demonstrated abilities in the areas outlined under Knowledge and Skills are considered significant assets which will also factor into hiring decisions.

Education and Experience Requirements

  • Graduate degree in a public health, community development, health promotion, international development, or public policy discipline is preferred, but equivalent dergraduate degree combined with extensive (5 or more years) relevant work experience will also be considered.
  • A minimum of two years of continuous work experience in public health, community development, health promotion, international development, or public policy is essential.

Knowledge and Skills (Assets)

  • Specialized knowledge of health determinants and health promotion, including the health effects of tobacco usage, exposure, and addiction;
  • Knowledge of community development theory and practice;
  • Knowledge of evaluation methodologies in health and how they apply to the health promotion;
  • Knowledge and preferably direct experience with northern cultures and health care structures;
  • Knowledge of program and financial management /administration: principles, methods and practices, contracting procedures;
  • Project management skills- planning, development, implementation, timelines, milestones and general management knowledge;
  • Knowledge of spreadsheets (financial management tools), word-processing, internet research and use of social media for social marketing and service delivery;
  • Statistical knowledge to understand basic trend information and assess program progress;
  • Strong strategic thinking skills and ability to align short-term activities with long-term goals and objectives;
  • Exceptional research and writing skills.

Interested candidates should submit a proposal consisting of their resume and cover letter by Friday, August 23rd, 2013. Cover letters should be no longer than two pages in length and briefly outline relevant education, experience, and abilities pertaining to the above candidate requirements and assets. The cover letter should also clearly state place of residence and include estimated airfare costs between community of residence and Iqaluit, Nunavut.

Inquiries and Expressions of Interest can be directed to: Alana Kronstal, Tobacco Program Consultant, Department of Health, Government of Nunavut. Proposals should be submitted electronically by emailing

Proposals must be received by 5 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on Friday, August 23rd, 2013 in order to be considered.