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Call for Feedback--Resource Development, The Healthy Aboriginal Network

Sorry to have to ask people to work this week but we have a couple of pressing projects in production.
Financial literacy comic book evaluation

We are evaluating The Game Plan this week. Hard copies have gone out to several organizations across Canada but being summer, access to youth is a challenge. So just to make sure we have enough response we are wondering if there are any organizations that are willing to have their youth answer a short online pre-test, have their youth read the comic digitally (I'll email you a PDF. Don't use the one on our website - it's just a preview) and then answer another short test after reading the book. The deadline for the online feedback is Friday, August 16th. We will be immensely grateful if you're able to help. The questionnaires can be found at:
Pre-test survey:
Post-test survey:
Comic books may also be ordered by sending an email to with your address. We will send you back an invoice. Comic book pricing as well as previews may be found at
Violence against women story pitch

We have been funded to create a comic book story on violence against women, but targeted towards 10–13 year olds. Which is a challenge for such a delicate subject. We are starting off with a pitch, which, when approved will be expanded into a story, storyboards and a focus group short (on YouTube like the rest of our draft stories. See for previous examples).

If you send an email to I'll be happy to email the pitch to you. Any criticism or suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated.