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New Resource: Growing Up in a New Land--A Guide for Newcomer Parents, Best Start Resource Centre

The Best Start Resource Centre is pleased to announce the publication of a new booklet for parents of children 0-6  titled Growing Up in a New Land--A Guide for Newcomer Parents. This booklet contains information on:

  • Supports for parents
  • Parenting in Canada
  • Helping your child learn
  • Helping your child talk
  • Keeping your child healthy and safe
  • Taking care of yourself as parents
  • Additional services for newcomers

The booklet is available for download in PDF format and paper copies can be order at $1.25 each. Bulk discounts are available:

The Best Start Resource Centre wishes to thank all the members of the Advisory Committee and reviewers who have provided valuable suggestions towards the content of this resource.

The literacy level of this booklet has been assessed with Flesh-Kincaid at a reading level of about 6. This resource is available in English and French.

We are very aware that it would be ideal if this resource was available in additional languages but our current funding does not allow for that. If your organization is interested in providing translation/adaptation in another language, please contact