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Breastfeeding Is Important: A Twitter Chat Looking at Current Breastfeeding Support in Canada, Best Start Resource Centre Consultant

August 27, 2013

3:00-4:00 p.m.

Join us next Tuesday for #HealthPromoChat, moderated by Best Start Resource Centre Consultant, Hiltrud Dawson. We’ll be discussing the importance of breastfeeding and looking a current breastfeeding support in Canada. Get a sneak peak of some of the content from the soon-to-be-released, The Baby-Friendly Initiative: Evidence-based Key Messages and Resources document.

Questions we’ll explore:

1. In your personal experience have you found adequate support for breastfeeding?

2. In your professional experience how does your agency support breastfeeding?

3. Is the Baby-Friendly Initiative (BFI) used to support breastfeeding?

4. Is BFI used to support all mother-infant dyads, all families?

5. Can you share any inventive strategies or resources that support families during prenatal, birth and postpartum?

6. Does your agency have a mandate or strong support to implement BFI?

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