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Call for Input--Do You Wonder If the Women You Support Are Involved in Sex Work? Let’s Talk: Research through Storytelling Initiative

An initiative of the Sex Work Action Project (SWAP), PARN--Your Community AIDS Resource Network, and Michele McIntosh PhD, Trent University.

Participate in our community based research (1) to better understand and support local women involved in sex work (2). Please share your thoughts, observations and anecdotes.

Here’s how:

For more information, contact:

(1) This research is the preliminary data collection strategy in preparation for the submission for a Canadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR) grant.

(2) "the exchange of money or goods for sexual services, either regularly or occasionally…where the sex worker may or may not consciously define such activity as income-generating." Source: HIV/AIDS, Gender and Sex-Work Factsheet, UNAIDS (2006)

[Source: Owhn-l mailing list,]