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New Resource--Making the Case: Tools for Supporting Local Alcohol Policy in Ontario, CAMH

The CAMH Health Promotion Resource Centre is offering a limited number of print copies of Making the Case to stakeholders in Ontario. If interested, please contact Tamar Meyer at and indicate your name, organization, work address, and whether you would like to receive a copy in English or French.

Alcohol-related harms are often experienced at a local level, directly affecting communities, roadways and neighbourhoods. Local alcohol policies can be an important and effective way to promote moderate alcohol consumption, support community values, raise awareness of harms, influence community social norms and promote healthier communities.

It is with this understanding that a new resource was created by the CAMH Health Promotion Resource Centre in partnership with Public Health Ontario titled: Making the Case: Tools for Supporting Local Alcohol Policy in Ontario; Établir le bien-fondé: Outils pour appuyer les politiques locales en matière d’alcool en Ontario.

Launched at the 2013 Canadian Public Health Association Conference in June, this resource strives to make people aware of the need for local action on alcohol-related harms and intends to help public health stakeholders, healthy community partnerships, and other relevant groups develop and implement local alcohol policies.

Making the Case features three tools:

  1. Alcohol Policy Approaches Table which includes dozens of examples of how to take local action, each falling under one of seven World Health Organization-recommended approaches.
  2. Local Action Tables which maps these actions described above against areas recommended by the National Alcohol Strategy, Ontario Public Health Standards, and local leaders.
  3. Resource Inventory which compiles further information about taking policy action to reduce alcohol-related harms—everything from articles to toolkits.

The resource is now available for download online in English here:

It is also available in French: