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MOVE Ottawa

Ottawa, Ontario
November 23, 2013

Carleton University

Attention Health and Physical Activity Promoters:

Move is a multidisciplinary conference with speakers from the physiotherapy, sport medicine, nutrition, rehabilitation, sports performance, sport psychology, kinesiology and chiropractic fields of practice.  The MOVE talks will present speakers who work in the field as well as some academic research. Discussion panels on every topic will be opened to the participants.  You can see the list of speakers here
Some of the prominent speakers include:

  • Roman Jahoda (Austria) who is the head therapist for UEFA
  • Alan Aragon (USA) Nutrition Researcher and lead contributor to Men’s Health
  • Denis Blondin (Canada ) Researcher in Physiology at OttawaU
  • Jean-Francois Menard (Canada) Sport Psychologiste for Cirque du Soleil
  • Dr.Laura Cruz (Canada) Sport Médicine Doctor

MOVE Sessions will be the practical component of the conference where 4 speakers will present 2 hours of action packed content and practical exercises.

Roman Jahoda, Dr. Kevin Jardine, Neil and Stephanie Frotten will be teaching everything from core stabilisation to neuro muscular training and sport specific training and mobility work.
If you are interested in registering, please go directly to the website to do so

Cost: $159

Sponsoring organizations: Exercise is Medicine Canada, Heritage Fitness, Epic Fitness, Alan Aragon Research Review and ComplexCore+