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RFP--“Development of a Communication Plan in Support of the Waterloo Region Active Living Network,” Waterloo Region Healthy Communities Partnership

Waterloo, Ontario
Deadline October 10, 2013


The Waterloo Region Active Living Network (WRALN) consists of representatives from various sectors: government, public health, non profit (local and provincial), private sector, education, community groups /grass roots, and individuals who share the vision of “a vibrant Waterloo Region where all residents are engaged in active living.”

The WRALN and the Waterloo Region Healthy Communities Partnership (WRHCP) seek a consultant to carry out the following activities:

  1. Work with members of the WRALN Steering Committee to define a communication platform to showcase the Network’s activities with special emphasis on its policy development work.  This includes:
    • Determine purpose, goals, objectives, and strategies to implement the communication plan  
    • Develop an elevator speech and key messages for specific audiences
    • Propose the best channels and vehicles (based on reach, cost effectiveness to fit the situation, audience, and objectives)
  2. Provide a communication action plan that includes timelines and a combination of channels and vehicles for sharing key messages
  3. Build the capacity of the WRALN Steering Committee by delivering a training session about using the communication plan, elevator speech, and media tools to advocate for physical activity policy actions. This may include :
    1. Media advocacy and how to use the media for policy advocacy
    2. Ensuring that the policy goals are in line with the health promotion goal; and that the target audience is clearly defined
    3. Strategies for effective communication with policy makers, media, and the public
    4. Developing and presenting key message to decision-makers


The consultant will be asked to provide the following deliverables:

  • Work plan for the project including timelines
  • A process report detailing the work accomplished and further recommendations (if any)
  • A Communication Action Plan including elevator speech, key messages and suggested channels and vehicles
  • Training outline and resources to be used in the training on media advocacy

Contract Details

  1. Funds for this consulting work are being made available from the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care’s Healthy Communities Partnership Fund.
  2. Funding for completing all deliverables will be no greater than $ 8, 800.00 (inclusive of all taxes, travel expenses, etc.).  
  3. Work must take place between October 21st and December 31st.  A draft report and action plan must be available by this deadline.
  4. Region of Waterloo Public Health (ROWPH) is responsible for administering the funds on behalf of the WRHCP and will pay the consultant.  All data generated by the study will belong to ROWPH and the WRALN.
  5. ROWPH and the WRALN will form a review committee to select the consultant.  However, the final decision relating to the hiring of the candidate rest with ROWPH.
  6. Candidates are expected to:
    • Submit a proposal of how the work will be performed
    • Prepare a timeline/work plan for completion of the project and reporting schedule to ROWPH and the WRALN.
    • Provide regular updates as required, which may be by phone, email, or in person to ROWPH and the WRALN
    • Work closely with members of the WRALN Steering Committee  
    • Sign a confidentiality agreement and disclose any potential conflict (s) of interest
    • Supply their own office space, resources, equipment (e.g., computer), and software compatible with ROWPH equipment (e.g., MS Office 2007)
    • Provide MS Word copies of any document created for this project


The following criteria will be used to evaluate proposals and choose the consultant:

  • Qualifications and experience of working with the topic area (marketing and communication)within the field of health promotion  
  • Experience working in a Waterloo Region context with local governments, community groups and organizations
  • Knowledge of Waterloo Region as a community and its resources obtained through relationship and /or connections to services, local media, organizations, networks, coalitions, etc.
  • Ability to work collaboratively with grassroots on a community-based planning project
  • Qualifications and experience facilitating group planning processes, developing communication action plans, and report writing
  • Experience planning and delivering training
  • Ability to get the work done within the time frame (October-December 31st , 2013)

Submission Requirements

Letters of interest should include:  

  • A reflection of your understanding of the project scope
  • CV or resume summarizing related achievements and qualifications
  • A timeline for completion of the project (October-December, 2013)
  • A detailed budget/cost estimate (including your per diem rate)
  • HST Business number

Consultants must submit their proposals by 4:00 pm on Thursday, October 10, 2013. Proposals received after that time will not be considered. Proposals should be emailed to Katherine Pigott at The decision will be communicated to all consultants by Friday, October 18th, 2013.

Cancellation of Request For Proposals

  • ROWPH and WRALN reserve the right to cancel this Request for Proposals (RFP) at any time without penalty or cost to it. The RFP and resulting proposals from candidates are not considered a commitment by either  organization to enter into any contract.

For more information please contact Katherine Pigott at 519 883 2004 ext 5415 or