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iSMA Webinar: Triggering Emotions Connected with Human Well-being

March 26 & 27, 2014
What makes a life worth living? What is the relationship between the drivers of human well-being and important emotions that influence our behavior? And finally, can the social marketer's life be made easier by appealing to and opening channels that satisfy fundamental human needs (like meaning and social connections)? Brazilian social marketer Hamilton Carvalho will present a practical framework of human motivation that integrates the fields of social marketing, emotions, positive psychology and well-being. The Brazilian Tamar Project, which focused on protecting sea turtles from extinction, will be the case study; it will be critiqued both for its use of positive emotions in creating behavior change and for improvements that could be made. To make the webinar more dynamic, listeners will be invited to make suggestions for improving the Tamar Project´s approach.
Presented by Hamilton Carvalho (Brazil)
This 60-minute webinar will be presented twice, because iSMA members live worldwide.

Free for iSMA members. iSMA membership is only $49.95 a year, $29.95 for students ($4.95 / $2.95 a year for those from developing countries.)
We'll be live-casting from the #ismaWBNR. Join the Twitter conversation, we encourage sharing!
The International Social Marketing Association (iSMA) webinar series provides timely, widely-relevant and ‘newsworthy’ information on evidence-based social marketing advances and resources world-wide.  Next up: May 14, 2014: Using Social Marketing to Influence Social Strategy: time to play with the big girls and boys!, with Jeff French (United Kingdom)
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