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New Resource Launch--Mobilizing Minds Research Team

Toronto, Ontario
March 10 & 17, 2014

Are you interested in mental health services for young adults?

  • Depression is one of the most common and disabling mental health problems experienced by young adults.
  • Young adults have many questions about treatment for depression that are not addressed in current resources.
  • Some young adults do not seek help or use poor coping methods because they do not have good information about treatment choices.

The Mobilizing Minds Research Team has developed new user-friendly resources that answer young adults' questions about treatment choices for depression.

These resources have been informed by years of research on the information preferences of young adults experiencing mental health problems, and young adults have been involved in every phase of their development. They will be of interest to young adults, their family members, and people who provide support to young adults.

Fact sheets on a wide variety of issues related to help for depression may be freely used by organizations providing services to young adults and may be posted on organization websites.

Join us for one of two free events to check out new resources and hear how we developed them (available at

Please help us to make these resources widely available to young adults.

The Launch Events:

March 10, 2014
11:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.
York University, Keele Campus, Kaneff Tower, 74 York Boulevard, 5th Floor, Room 519

March 17, 2014
1:30-3:30 p.m.
Centre for Social Innovation, Annex Site, 720 Bathurst Street

Refreshments will be provided.

Please RSVP to specifying which date you will be attending. Space is limited.