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Healthy Communities Begin With Creating Active Children For Life, Middlesex-London Health Unit

London, Ontario
April 10, 2014   

7:00-9:00 p.m.
Hilton Hotel, 300 King Street

This session is open to anyone working with children and youth in their community and this includes early childhood educators, coaches, parents, teachers, recreation coordinators, and volunteers.

Featuring Dr. Dean Kreillaars, University of Manitoba
Come dressed to participate in an active workshop and learn how you can help our children and youth become physically literate. Physical literacy is an evidence based approach to building confidence and competency among children and youth to be active in various settings.

Dr. Dean Kriellaars was awarded the Healthy Living Award for his outstanding activities in building community wellness.  He is part of the leadership team of the Canadian Sport for Life initiative.
To register please contact Lisa Kelliher at the Middlesex-London Health Unit at or call 519-663-5317 x2508.