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Beyond Nutrition and Health - Measuring the Impact of “Feeding our Future” Student Nutrition Program, OPHA

March 27, 2014

12:00 p.m.

Our Speakers, Catherine Parsonage, Executive Director & CEO, Toronto Foundation for Student Success, and Denise Vavaroutsos, RD, Manager (Acting) Chronic Disease and Injury Prevention,  Student Nutrition Program, Toronto Public Health, will present on:

  • The 2-year evaluation of Toronto District School Board’s  ‘Feeding Our Future’ middle and high school student nutrition program.
  • The relationship between healthy breakfast and academic achievement.
  • "Nourishing Young Minds," an international review of School Nutrition Programs which makes a strong case for investment in our children’s futures.

Presenters will also explore the role that public health, community health and other partners can play in ensuring that all students across the province have access to a sustainable food program.

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