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Executive Director, TriCounty Addiction Services

Smiths Falls
Deadline March 21, 2014

The Hiring Committee, on behalf of the TriCAS Board of Directors, presents the opportunity to apply for the position of Executive Director for TriCounty Addiction Services for a one-year contract. If interested, please review the following job description and forward your curriculum vitae to Susana Ferrucci ( on or before March 21, 2014. Thank you.
Job Posting: Executive Director, TriCounty Addiction Services

TriCounty Addiction Services (TriCAS) serves persons and families in Lanark, Leeds & Grenville Counties in eastern Ontario who face alcohol and other drug challenges, problem gambling and other process addictions, and concurrent addictions and mental health issues.  The agency provides assessment, individual, couple, family, and small group counselling, and referral services; addresses addictions awareness and health promotion needs; and consults with other professionals and partners who work in related services.  Service delivery encompasses a harm reduction approach, the desirability to consider manifestation of addictions in the lives of individuals and families from a holistic perspective, utilization of complementary treatments when helpful, and recognition that socio-economic factors and imbalances in access to resources and power may bear on resolution of obstacles faced when addictions occur.  Persons using TriCAS’ services are considered to be partners in undertaking changes, and agency staff consider themselves also to be partners with other staff in the system of addictions and mental health services.

The agency is currently participating with other service providers who are funded by the South East Local Health Integration Network to redesign delivery of addictions and mental health services.  That process is expected to unfold over the next couple of years, and TriCAS is seeking an Executive Director dedicated to exploring redesign options that will increase access for users of the service system, will strengthen integrated delivery of services, and will accomplish improvements within financial constraints being experienced by health care in Ontario.

The Executive Director should model self-awareness and have capacity to take responsibility for their own performance and health, seek opportunities for personal learning, and model qualities such as honesty, integrity, resilience, and confidence.  Appropriate candidates for the position will engage others by supporting and challenging them to achieve personal and professional goals. S/he will create an engaging organizational environment in which others have meaningful opportunities to contribute and will ensure that resources are available for them to fulfill their expected responsibilities.  The successful candidate will communicate effectively, listen well, and encourage open exchange of information and ideas.  S/he will build teams and facilitate environments of collaboration and cooperation to achieve results.

In order to achieve results for TriCAS, a successful candidate for the position of Executive Director will be able to set directions and inspire vision by identifying, establishing, and communicating clear and meaningful expectations and outcomes.  Decisions will be strategically integrated with vision, values, and evidence.  The candidate will be able to take action to implement decisions, acting in a manner consistent with organizational values to yield effective, efficient public-centred service.  Such service will be assessed, measured, with results compared against established benchmarks, to correct the course as needed.

In addition to strengthening provision of direct service, the Executive Director will participate actively in developing coalitions, purposefully building partnerships and networks to create results, creating connections, trust, and shared meaning with individuals and groups.  Working with those coalitions, s/he will demonstrate commitment to customers and service, facilitating collaboration and cooperation among diverse groups and perspectives aimed at learning to improve service.  Such work will mobilize knowledge, encourage open exchange of information, and use quality evidence to influence action across the system.  Those activities will require skill at navigating the socio-political environment, being politically astute and able to negotiate through conflict while mobilizing support.

TriCAS is excited to be part of systems transformation, and we seek to employ an Executive Director who shares that excitement and demonstrates comprehension of systems level challenges.  S/he will be able to think analytically and conceptually, questioning and challenging the status quo, identifying issues, solving problems, and implementing effective processes across systems and stakeholders.  The successful candidate will encourage and support innovation, creating a climate of continuous improvement and creativity aimed at systemic change. S/he will be oriented strategically to the future, and will continually scan the environment for ideas, best practices, and emerging trends that will shape the system.  Having such grasp, the Executive Director will champion and orchestrate change, actively contributing to change processes that improve health service delivery.

Outcomes of current system redesign in the region will become clearer in the next two years to agencies who are presently involved in the processes.  TriCAS invites interested persons to apply for a leadership role in this context of change, to oversee the agency’s transition for the coming years.