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Conference - Community: Programs and Policies (Tamarack Institute)

Kitchener, Ontario
June 23-26, 2014

This Gathering will welcome community builders from a diversity of sectors and our learning will be guided by lead thinkers, authors, and activists on the topic of exploring the programs and policies that deepen community.

Together, we will explore the emerging patterns, innovative programs and policy priorities that are needed to establish a supportive environment for citizen-led community change and can serve as a catalyst for system-wide innovation.

Each day, our learning will follow this pattern: we will begin our day with an engaging address from one of our speakers, followed by practical local examples of the concept that has been shared. Next, we will enjoy a delicious lunch, catered by the Queen Street Commons, a favourite in this area. After our stomachs are filled, we will spend the first part of the afternoon exploring various key concepts through workshops with thought leaders. Our learning from the day will become tangible as we go on neighbourhood walkabouts to see the concepts we’ve explored at work. Finally, each evening, we will celebrate the joy of being together through music, dancing, sharing stories and great food. This Gathering will be a time of learning, connection and celebration - we hope you can join us!

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