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Twitter Chat: Understanding healthy pregnancy weights & the link to child obesity

March 25, 2014

- a Twitter Chat hosted by Health Nexus & Dr. Zach Ferraro

Join us Tuesday, March 25 from 3-4pm for #HealthPromoChat, moderated by Dr. Zach Ferraro, Clinical Research Associate - Maternal-Fetal Medicine at The Ottawa Hospital as we explore the link between pregnancy weights and child obesity. We will be looking at how we can apply this knowledge to support mothers in healthy weight gain and prevent child obesity.

Questions to explore:

1.       How well informed are service providers and mothers on the guidelines for weight gain during pregnancy?

2.       What are the barriers to informing mothers and providers about the risks of excessive weight gain or weight loss?

3.       How can we support mothers or service providers working with mothers in monitoring weight gain?

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