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New Resource--Stepping Stones Collection of Research about Youth Development, Ministry of Children & Youth Services

In 2012 the Government of Ontario developed Stepping Stones: A Resource on Youth Development. It’s intended to help people working with youth (like service providers, community partners, educators, government) better understand how young people grow and develop.
It’s evidence-based and designed to remain current. It explores four key areas of youth development: cognitive, emotional, social & physical. Ontario youth played a key role in creating Stepping Stones.  We received input from more than 500 young people from diverse backgrounds, which helped us better understand young people aged 12-25. Some interesting facts emerged, like

  • Healthy & safe risk-taking – A necessary part of development, which drives youth to seek out challenges, self-discover and develop new skills
  • Consequence planning & anticipation – A maturing skill, impulse control throughout the teen years can be developed, with practice and support from adults
  • Identity exploration – Outside of the family context, teens naturally desire to hang out with friends instead of parents

Stepping Stones can be found here: