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2nd World Conference on Breast Cancer

"MOVE FORWARD...TAKE ACTION" will focus on formulating concrete recommendations upon which people with breast cancer, survivors, organizations, governments, and health care providers can act to eradicate the disease.

The World Conference on Breast Cancer is dedicated to providing an international and multi-disciplinary forum where all the issues around breast cancer can be addressed, and to advancing a Global Action Plan in response to these concerns to eradicate breast cancer and develop a cure. Its grass roots beginnings continue to guide the conference to ensure that the voices of everyone affected by the disease will be heard.

Organized in collaborative partnership with the Women's Environment and

Development Organization - WEDO

For more information, please contact :

World Conference on Breast Cancer

841 Princess Street, Kingston, Ontario Canada, K7L 1G7

Tel: (613) 549-1118 Fax: (613) 549-1146

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