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New Online Learning Module--Introducing Implementing KT Strategies in Public Health, National Collaborating Centre for Methods and Tools

Planning for the implementation of a practice change, then carrying out and evaluating that change, are very complex processes.

Who is this module for?

Implementing KT Strategies in Public Health is a free, interactive and self-paced module designed for public health practitioners, program managers/directors and staff who are involved in planning for the implementation of practices or programs.

What will you learn?

Like other NCCMT modules, Implementing KT Strategies in Public Health uses a realistic scenario and several interactivities to support learning. In this module you will practice such skills as:

  • Gap analysis (How large will the change in practice be?)
  • Stakeholder analysis (Who will be directly affected by the change in practice?)
  • Situational assessment (How can we minimize barriers and maximize facilitators to the change?)

As with all NCCMT online learning modules, you can

  • Practise your knowledge and skills with online activities
  • Earn a certificate of competence.

Visit NCCMT’s Learning Centre to begin Implementing KT Strategies in Public Health now:  .