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Doing the Work - Rural and Remote - 2014: "Trauma 360" Trauma & the Client, the Worker, the Workplace and Community, CAST Canada

North Bay, Ontario, Canada
October 22-23, 2014

Do you work in health, social work, or justice where trauma, addiction and mental health issues are part of your work? Do you work in small urban centres, rural, remote or isolated areas?

Then this gathering is for you!

The Work

  • Outreach, support, counselling, helping and sharing circles ...
  • Harm reduction, service provision, intervention, education and prevention ...
  • Homelessness & housing, employment, justice  ...
  • Trauma and addictions ...
  • Mental, physical and spiritual health ... More than a conference ...

Rural & Remote

  • We know that working in small town, rural, remote and isolated areas carries unique burdens and challenges.  These gatherings will connect you with other folks 'Doing the Work' in similar settings.  We will honour your experience, share successes, strategies, tools and hope.


  • Much like a conference there will be presentations, workshops and forums, but this will be a gathering of caring, active folks with much conversing, sharing and connecting. And we will keep the conversation going after this gathering in ways chosen by you, the participants. We are interested in bring a gathering or segments of it to your area.

Confirmed Highlights:

  • Exploring "Rural & Remote":  What are the unique challenges? What successes can be shared?
  • Trauma: 
    • Trauma:  Background, foundations, a general understanding, root causes.   
    • Trauma and the Client:  Understanding and becoming comfortable  with the various complex traumas (ex: attachment, cyclical abandonment, brain injury) that cause people to become stuck in addictions and other problems.
    • Healthy Worker/Workplace - Exploring he various emotional burdens of the work. Learn to distinguish and prevent vicarious trauma, compassion fatigue and burn out.
    • Healthy Community: Exploring ways to heal and maintain healthy communities.
  • Opioids: Very practical, helpful information on opiates and various interventions & therapies.
  • Your ideas:  We are open to hearing what issues you feel are important! Please call or email.

For more information or to register online, visit