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Parachute’s Horizon, an Injury Prevention Solution Hub, Launches at

Parachute’s Horizon ( is the first stop for evidence-based injury prevention solutions. This is truly a game changer: an online hub that connects Canadians with leading practice solutions for injury prevention. Preventable injury can impact anyone throughout all walks of life, whether that is injury on the road, on the sports field, at play, at work, or at home. Preventing injuries is critical.
Developed with an expert advisory panel to meet the needs of the public and practitioners, Parachute’s Horizon aims to decrease injury while connecting Canadians with the tools to do exactly that. Parachute’s Horizon has:

  • Solutions that have been qualified through a solution assessment framework, so that you know the content is based in evidence
  • Collections that have been specifically developed for users, with resources that are grouped together based on common elements, allowing quick access to related content
  • Content that is continually evolving as partners contribute –Parachute’s Horizon includes content from external organizations
  • Multiple ways to access content: through a standard search bar, as well as through our browse and wizard functionality, connecting you to what you are looking for
  • Resource tools, providing you with the resources to implement solutions in your own home, classroom, team or community

Parachute’s Horizon continues to evolve, with the regular addition of new content, both internal and external to Parachute. Work with us to continue the evolution, helping all Canadians live long lives to the fullest!