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Program Training and Consultation Centre (PTCC) Workshops 2000/2001

Minimal Contact Interventions For Smoking Cessation (5 one-day workshops)

Short interventions that have broad reach can have a larger impact on population prevalence of smoking than more intensive interventions attended by a small proportion of smokers. This one- day workshop will identify the principles and strategies for minimal contact interventions. Among other strategies, we will highlight and demonstrate a new interactive, computer-based tool for worksites.

June 9, 2000, Sudbury * June 22, 2000, St. Catharines * September 14, 2000, Brampton * September 28, 2000, Toronto * October 12, 2000, Stratford

Controlling Environmental Tobacco Smoke in Public Places (4 one-day workshops)

This one-day workshop will present stories from communities that have successfully passed bylaws to restrict smoking in public places. The processes undertaken, successes and challenges will be described, with a view to helping other communities pass and sustain bylaws. Topics that will be covered include: refuting claims that ventilation systems work to remove risk, pros and cons of designated smoking areas, expanding bylaws to cover workplaces.

September 12, 2000, Toronto * September 21, 2000, Timmins * November 22, 2000, Peterborough * December 5, 2000, Barrie

Starting Up Support Groups For Smoking Cessation (3 one-day workshops)

Support groups for smoking cessation can range from informal meetings where smokers and ex- smokers get together to provide mutual support, to structured group sessions led by a trained professional. Participants will learn about which types of groups work best in which circumstances, will give participants an opportunity to practice their skills in leading group sessions, and will identify resource materials available from 2 or 3 support group programs that represent best practices.

October 3, 2000, Toronto * November 2, 2000, Owen Sound * March 22, 2001, Woodstock

Smoking Cessation For Low-Literacy Populations (4 one-day workshops)

Lower literacy levels are elevated in certain groups within the population. Often these same groups have smoking rates higher than the population as a whole. This one-day workshop will provide an orientation to working with individuals who are unable or unwilling to read about health issues and highlight current tobacco resources available for use at the community level.

(dates and locations to be announced, check after June 15)

Involving Youth In Tobacco Control (1 one-day workshop)

This workshop will address a range of issues around smoking and youth, with a focus on improving youth participation in smoking cessation programs and youth involvement in tobacco control advocacy activities.

September 26, 2000, Toronto

Registration information will be mailed out approximately 6 weeks before each workshop. If you are not on PTCC's mailing list and are interested in attending any of these workshops, contact Josie d'Avernas at or Janet Nevala at