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Poverty Reduction Summit: Every City, Province and Territory Working Together, Tamarack

Ottawa, Ontario
May 6-8, 2015

The Poverty Reduction Summit: Every City, Province and Territory Working Together will bring together people from across Canada to align their efforts and merge their passion for poverty reduction. This unprecedented gathering will strengthen communication, increase the alignment of poverty reduction activities and will motivate collective action leading to poverty reduction for 1 million Canadians.

We are pleased to announce that registration for this national gathering is now open and we invite you join the movement to work together to reduce poverty across Canada.
The Summit will highlight what's working in poverty reduction activities, celebrate strong community examples and provincial/territorial strategies, and will outline what each holds in common so that we can clearly see the point of alignment that already exists.


  • About key poverty reduction strategies and those that are having the best results
  • Policy changes in cities and in provinces making a huge difference in reducing poverty
  • The role of business in poverty reduction and stories of great success
  • The key role the media is playing in cities across the country
  • High impact strategies for organizing for impact - Governance models for success
  • How the ideas of Collective Impact are permeating cities with amazing results
  • About evaluating and tracking outcomes
  • How provinces and cities are supporting each other toward common success

Who will be there?

The goal of the Summit is to bring together representatives from 100 cities and every province and territory. Attendees will include people from the business sector, government and the voluntary sector working together with people who have lived experience with poverty. We already have an exciting line up of speakers and a growing number of Canadian communities commited to sending representatives to the Summit.

Please visit the Summit webpage for full details of this event: