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HC Link Webinar – Pathways to Youth Substance Use: Evidence and Implications

February 10, 2015 

10:00-11:30 a.m. EST

This HC Link and Parent Action on Drugs webinar is Part one of the series Youth Substance Use: From Developmental Pathways to Policy Development, with presenters from the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse and the Hospital for Sick Children

In this first webinar, we will examine the evidence around the particular vulnerabilities of youth pertaining to the developmental pathways that both influence and are impacted by youths' substance use patterns. In particular, research around the genetic and brain development of adolescents will be presented, with an emphasis on resiliency and how resilience-based interventions can positively impact youth development. By the end of the webinar, we will consider the challenges this evidence poses for youth/ family-focused and community practices as well as policy development, a segue to the second webinar of the series, where these issues will be considered further.


Part two of the series will be presented on March 5th. This webinar will focus on applying evidence to inform health promotion practices and policies. Stay tuned for more information and registration.