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Ontario Workplace Health Coalition Networking Event: Ergonomic Prevention of Upper Extremity Disorders

Online and Mississauga, Ontario
February 10, 2015

8:00-10:00 a.m.

Overhead work or repetitive tasks with the upper limb are leading causes of shoulder injury and can contribute to back pain as well. The very mobile shoulder joint is highly susceptible to injury whether you work in an office, a health care setting or manufacturing.  Join us for this informative and fun session on ergonomic prevention of upper extremity disorders. We’ll talk about the most recent findings from the Institute for Work and Health’s Systematic Review of Interventions for Upper Extremity Disorders. No doubt you will be surprised and glad to learn about a low cost and effective intervention that can be implemented in any workplace.

Speaker: Conny Glenn B.Sc., Kin, CK

Register at For questions or additional information about this event, please contact the OWHC at