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How can communities evaluate their own programs? CRICH

Toronto, Ontario
February 5, 2015

6:30-8:30 p.m.
TD Centre of Learning 540 Dundas Street East (Corner of Dundas & Sackville)

Policies, infrastructure and programs are often evaluated by the same institutions responsible for their funding, design and implementation. For example, the City of Toronto is often responsible for evaluating its own progress on issues like access to community centres and recreation programs. Similarly, community organizations often evaluate their own programs.

Sometimes, people and/or neighbourhoods might want to conduct independent evaluations and share outcomes. In this presentation, Professor Patricia O’Campo will work with session participants to identify a program or policy you feel would benefit from an independent, community-based evaluation. We will then go through an "evaluation 101" presentation tailored to the program or policy of interest. And if we need more information, context or additional community expertise to help with your question/program of interest, we will seek it out with you!

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