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Canadian Journal of Public Health Supplement on Healthy Canada by Design

Our final act at the Healthy Canada by Design (HCBD) CLASP Initiative was completing a Canadian Journal of Public Health Supplement that was dedicated to the work of the HCBD CLASP I partners. 

Funded by the Urban Public Health Network (UPHN), Health Canada and the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer, this supplement includes a forward by the Heart and Stroke Foundation, a commentary by Dr. Mowat, the former Chair of the UPHN, a post-script on the work conducted under the second round of funding, and eight articles prepared by HCBD CLASP I partners and their research and/or practice partners on:

  • A “healthy cities approach” to the built environment;
  • The benefits of using scientific knowledge to influence public policy;
  • The unmet demand for walkable residential environments in Toronto and Vancouver;
  • A grassroots project that examined the association between neighbourhood deprivation, land-use mix and injury risk to road users in Montreal;
  • The application of an evidence-based tool to evaluate the health impacts associated with changes in the built environment in Toronto and Surrey BC;
  • The incorporation of health impact considerations into land use development approval processes at Peel Region;
  • Building capacity among three health authorities in British Columbia to influence land use and transportation planning processes; and
  • Healthy Canada by Design CLASP I as a case study of an inter-sectoral, cross-provincial, built environment initiative.

To access articles in the English version on-line, use this link: 

To download the complete edition, use this link: 

The French version of the Supplement will be released in the near future.