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Queering the Family Tree: Building LGBTQ-Inclusive Programs and Services, LGBTQ Parenting Network

Sudbury, Ontario
March 6, 2015

9:00 AM to 4:30 PM (EST)

LGBTQ people have historically been denied the right to have children and have had children taken away from them.  Embedded in this history are ideas about the negative impact on children of having LGBTQ parents or caregivers.  Although social attitudes, policies and legislation have shifted dramatically in Canada over the 20 years, these ideas continue to circulate and LGBTQ people continue to experience exclusion, discrimination and other barriers when seeking health care and/or community services.  This workshop is designed for health care and social service providers who are interested in working more effectively with LGBTQ parents, prospective parents and families.

Welcoming LGBTQ people and families into programs and services can mean taking practical steps such asre-designing intake forms, putting up posters, or incorporating books that reflect diversity. It can also mean deepening your understanding of how assumptions about gender, sexuality, and family composition shape your everyday practice.Through a combination of interactive presentations, individual, small and large group reflection and discussion, and hands-on exercises, we will explore what it means to welcome and work effectively with LGBTQ families.

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