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Healthy Connections 2015 – Community Hubs: Moving From Health Care to Health

Toronto, Ontario
March 24, 2015
Community hubs are increasingly seen in Ontario and internationally as a means of overcoming health care fragmentation, spanning the gaps between health and social care, and moving the policy agenda forward from health care to health. Although hubs come in many different shapes and sizes, the logic is that by gathering together diverse services and providers at a single location, you can promote integration, leverage community resources, and build local solutions to local problems. In her 2014 mandate letters to the Ministers of Health and Long-Term Care, Education, Housing, and Municipal Affairs, the Premier of Ontario directs the development of a policy on community hubs to “reflect the perspective of health and wellness” and to promote collaboration on “shared responsibilities” within government.  
The morning symposium -- including breakfast, lunch and book signing with award winning Canadian author Nick Saul -- highlights the practice and promise of community hubs in Ontario and beyond. In addition to highlighting the “state of the art” internationally, speakers will talk about their first-hand experience building community hubs, where they started, what they have achieved, and what needs to be done to ensure sustainable gains.
A special afternoon workshop features a more in-depth and interactive look at how two community hubs – Langs Community (Cambridge, Ontario) and Unison Health & Community Services (Toronto) – were built “from the ground up.” Lots of time will be set aside for questions.
The symposium is presented by Solutions - East Toronto’s Health Collaborative, in partnership with the Canadian Research Network for Care in the Community (, and the Health System Performance Research Network (

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