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Project Manager, Health Links, Central East Community Care Access Centre

Whitby, Ontario
Deadline March 18, 2015

Closing Date:  March 18, 2015
Job Title:  Project Manager, Health Links
Job Type:  Full Time
Reports To:  Senior Manager - Quality Improvement
Program/Specialty :  LHIN Initiatives
Available:  March 23, 2015
Salary:  $74,315.00 - $92,866.00/Year
Group:  Management
Number of Positions:  1
Branch:  Whitby

The Central East Community Care Access Centre (CECCAC) is seeking a dynamic individual for the position of Project Manager, focusing on Health Links.

A Health Link is a new model of care at the clinical level where all providers in a community, including primary care, hospital, community care, are charged with coordinating plans at the patient level. Health Links will be designed around, and accountable for system-level metrics established by the province. Their initial focus will be on the high users, as we know that this segment of the population uses a disproportionate amount of care at a cost which is not sustainable, nor appropriate for their needs.

Health Links will be accountable to the LHINs and will initially be voluntary, beginning with those partnerships that meet specified requirements. Over time, the entire province would be represented. The Central East LHIN has two Health Links Peterborough and Durham North East with emerging Health Links putting forth Business Plans.

Position Summary:

The position provides project management to the implementation of Health Links within the Central East LHIN Region and serves as a leader, coach, and expert in project/portfolio management to ensure the initiatives and stakeholders successfully plan, execute and manage the elements of the strategy.

  • Provide leadership in collaboration with improvement teams, working groups, the Design Team and Steering Committee to ensure that the strategy is consistent with the overall Health Link aims, meets intended objectives, and efficiently uses human and fiscal resources;
  • Establish relationships and open consultation with key participants/partners;
  • Prepare an integrated work plan for Health Links starting with patient engagement and the identification of change concepts;
  • Guide the development, review and approval of action plans;
  • Provide day-to-day support to the project teams;
  • Monitor and guide implementation, prepare reports and initiate corrective action as needed;
  • Develop documentation e.g. charter, schedule, budget, risk plan, etc (in consultation with Health Link partners as needed);
  • Health Link budget management and reporting to the Central East LHIN;
  • Submit reports as per funding agreement and ensure deliverables and timelines identified are met;
  • Adhere to the CECCAC Project Management Guidelines, including the completion of monthly status reports;
  • Communication and coordination with CECCAC Project Office;
  • Establish a tracking process to monitor approved implementation plans, deliverables, timelines and responsible persons;
  • Coordinate with Health Quality Ontario to ensure quality improvement methodologies are used in the development of action plans;
  • Support project priorities, contracts and reporting;
  • Advise on resource allocation;
  • Identify and translate best practice from one sector to the next;
  • Stakeholder management

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