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Infectious Disease KT Specialist, NCCMT

Hamilton, Ontario
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NCCMT is developing a knowledge-sharing platform (virtual centre) that will provide key audiences with information related to infection prevention, management and control for use during an infectious disease outbreak.  The initial focus will be on Ebola. The main goal of this project is to centrally locate and make easily accessible information that key audiences need to know in order to protect themselves should they come in contact with an Ebola case. Key audiences include allied health professionals, as well as professionals working outside the health sector such as, first responders (police, fire or paramedics), individuals working in waste management, funeral homes and others that might come into contact with potentially infectious people or bodies. The audience may also include those who work in emergency departments, clinics or primary care offices who are not health care providers.

This is a six month project for which NCCMT is seeking a qualified and experienced public health professional(s) who have the appropriate expertise to search for, appraise, and summarize in lay language, infectious disease related information specifically regarding Ebola.  Key to the success of this initiative will be the knowledge translation strategies used to effectively disseminate and share this information therefore knowledge and skills related to twitter, webinars, and online discussion forums, are also of interest.

Given the short time frame and the need for qualified expertise in one or both areas of infectious disease prevention or knowledge translation, NCCMT is interested in talking to those who may be in a position to participate in a part time or full time secondment opportunity.   The position(s) will begin as soon as possible.

This initiative is funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada.

For more information or to submit a letter of interest along with your resume please contact:  Dr. Maureen Dobbins at 905-525-9140 ext. 20455 or Pamela Forsyth at 905-525-9140 ext. 20466.