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Skills Online: Dynamic Learning in Public Health, Public Health Agency of Canada

Spring 2015

Are you looking to build your skills and competence in policy and program planning, communications, surveillance, epidemiology, biostatistics, analytical skills, evaluation or evidence-informed decision-making? Skills Online can help.

Registration for spring facilitated courses is from March 16-April 26, 2015.  Self-directed courses are available at any time during the year.

To register, please visit  

For detailed descriptions of current courses, please click

Facilitated courses:

  • EPI1 - Basic Epidemiological Concepts ($75)
  • EPI2 - Measurement of Health Status ($175)
  • EPI3 - Epidemiological Methods ($175)
  • APP1 - Outbreak Investigation and Management ($175)
  • APP2 - Epidemiology of Chronic Disease ($175)
  • HLT - Health Literacy for Public Health Practitioners ($175)
  • STA1 - Introduction to Biostatistics ($175)
  • SUR1 - Introduction to Surveillance ($175)
  • SUR2 - Communicating Data Effectively ($175)

Self-directed courses:

  • COR1 - Core Competencies for Public Health in Canada Toolkit (no cost)
  • PHP1 - Introduction to Public Health in Canada (no cost)
  • PHP4 - Introduction to Literature Searching (no cost)

Skills Online is a program of the Public Health Agency of Canada.