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Quality Improvement Facilitator, Central East Community Care Access Centre

Whitby, Ontario
Deadline April 24, 2015

Job Type:  Full Time
Reports To:  Senior Manager, Quality Improvement
Available:  June 1, 2015
Salary:  $33.13 HourGroup:  CUPE
Branch:  Whitby

Position Summary:

Reporting to the Senior Manager, Quality Improvement, this position combines technical skills and knowledge with the ability to work effectively in teams and communicate clearly. As a leader and key player supporting quality improvement you will have demonstrated progressive quality improvement experience in the healthcare industry. Your key function is to lead continuous improvement activities, through the application of quality improvement methodology (such as LEAN/Six Sigma, PDSA etc.) and experience based design (EBD), working in collaboration with Quality Improvement Team members and staff teams. More specifically, you will:

  • Introduce and implement quality improvement principles, methodology and tools in support of quality improvement activities (such as LEAN Six Sigma, PDSA etc.);
  • Establish relationships and open consultation with key participants/partners;
  • Works with healthcare provider organizations in building their capacity to implement quality improvement, measurement and change management projects to ensure effective performance and organizational success;
  • Build strong relationships within the organization and promote a culture of continuous quality improvement;
  • Coach and model quality improvement methodology, measurement and change management;
  • Incorporate Health Quality Ontario quality improvement methodologies in the development of action plans;
  • Complete individual patient and caregiver interviews, as well as focus group interviews to gather patient and caregivers experiences that will be used to inform quality improvement initiatives;
  • Assist quality improvement teams to define value from a patient perspective;
  • Participate in the design and planning of quality improvement projects and initiatives including the identification of the most appropriate approaches to improvement, development of tool kits, implementation and evaluation;
  • Mentor and coach improvement teams, managers and leaders on the application of quality improvement methodologies and tools to achieve quality improvement targets and sustain a culture of quality improvement;
  • Facilitate quality improvement teams that cross multiple organizations, departments and functions;
  • Working in conjunction with the Quality Improvement Team, facilitate Kaizen events, value stream mapping exercises and other quality improvement methodologies and tools (e.g. root cause analysis, FMEA);
  • Support the definition of key quality improvement goals and metrics in collaboration with the quality improvement teams;
  • Regularly communicate progress of quality improvement initiatives to appropriate stakeholders;
  • Ensure the sustainability and spread of new processes;
  • Support quality improvement and performance tracking and reporting, including coordinating data management (development, tracking, analysis and report development);
  • Provide administrative support to the Performance Excellence Program as required;
  • Other duties as assigned to assist the quality improvement team in meeting their objectives.

Minimum Qualifications & Position Requirements:

  • Post-secondary education, plus demonstrated progressive experience in quality improvement and project management or the equivalent combination of education, training and experience;
  • Trained in the principles of Quality Improvement methodology (such as Lean/Six Sigma, IHI Model for Improvement, etc.);
  • Understanding of the Ontario health-care system and issues;
  • Ability to resolve conflicts;
  • Demonstrated excellence in interpersonal communication skills;
  • Project management experience; PMP an asset;
  • Demonstrated application of Quality Improvement skills in the health care sector;
  • Experience and demonstrated ability in coaching, mentoring and facilitating teams and individuals in LEAN, IHI Model for Improvement (PDSA) or other quality improvement methodologies and tools, and an ability to undertake this activity at all levels of the organization: senior, mid-level managers and front-line staff;
  • Demonstrated knowledge of quality and risk management, performance measurement, and change management;
  • Working knowledge/experience in formal evaluation tools and techniques and be able to lead a formal evaluation related to outcome, process and balancing measures;
  • Good knowledge and proven ability to apply multiple planning and analysis methodologies, and the ability to facilitate innovation and creativity and make effective recommendations;
  • Demonstrated ability to perform statistical trending, analysis and interpretation of data including expertise in complex data management in Excel or other data management vehicles;
  • Familiarity with process management;
  • Excellent presentation, written and verbal communication skills and ability to communicate well at all levels of the organization;
  • Ability to influence stakeholders to motivate them to make the necessary changes for improved performance;
  • Demonstrated analytical, critical thinking, problem resolution and decision making capabilities;
  • Demonstrated excellent working knowledge of Microsoft Office (Word, Outlook, Power Point, Excel, Access and Visio) with the ability to produce reports with visual additions such as charts, graphs, tables, flow charts and diagrams as well as computer technology skills consistent with establishing an electronic manual system and intranet communication applications;
  • Demonstrated ability to work in and respond to a dynamic and changing environment;
  • Ability to handle sensitive and confidential information in a discreet and professional manner;
  • Excellent time management and organizational skills combined with the ability to prioritize and balance the workload requirements, meeting competing deadlines with minimal supervision;
  • Knowledge and understanding of the Central East CCAC environment is an asset.

Please apply using the following link:

Closing Date:  April 24, 2015