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Sleep, Food Intake, and Obesity in Kids; Nutrition Resource Centre

April 23, 2015

12:00 p.m.

There is increasing evidence showing that insufficient sleep influences eating behaviors and is associated with weight gain. Short sleep duration, poor sleep quality, and later bedtimes are all associated with increased food intake, poor diet quality, and excess body weight. Specifically, lack of sleep has been shown to increase snacking, the number of meals consumed per day, and preference for energy-dense foods. Insufficient sleep seems to facilitate the ingestion of calories when exposed to the modern obesogenic environment of readily accessible food.  This webinar will explore the current science on sleep, eating behavior, and energy balance, including proposed mechanisms and implications for public health interventions.


  1. Explore the current science on sleep, appetite, and obesity, with a focus on kids
  2. Explore proposed biological mechanisms linking sleep deprivation and increased food intake
  3. Discuss potential public health interventions to improve sleep

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