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Latest advances in cancer research, Canadian Cancer Society, Ontario Division

April 28, 2015

6:00 p.m. Eastern

Because of cancer research – our basic knowledge of this disease is rapidly expanding and scientists are using that knowledge to bring forth advances in standard cancer therapy as well as create new and innovative ways to treat cancer.
During this webcast, you will learn about some of the latest discoveries in cancer research, as well as some of the new ways scientists are trying to treat this disease, including:

  • Personalized medicine or targeted therapy
  • Immunotherapy (using your immune system to fight cancer)
  • How drugs approved for other diseases are now being tested to treat cancer
  • The answers to common questions about cancer research 


  • Dr Sue Li, PhD, Cancer Researcher, Princess Margaret Cancer Center
  • Mathew Hall, MSc., Cancer Researcher, Hospital for Sick Children

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