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Nominations for Landmark Designation, Tools of Change

Deadline June 12, 2015

Nominate your energy conservation or active / sustainable transportation program for Landmark designation! The deadline is less than one month away! (June 12, 2015)

  • Expert Review: You'll get frank, confidential program review comments and suggestions from the selection panel members, who are experts in a range of related backgrounds. All nominations that are presented to the panels receive a complete list of unattributed panel comments. For many nominees, this is the most valuable benefit.
  • Professional Recognition and Visibility
  • Documentation of Your Work
  • Contribution to your Professional Community
  • Designation as a Landmark case study recognizes behavior change / social marketing approaches and programs considered to be among the most successful in the world. The designated programs gain exposure, credibility and free, on-line program case study materials, which can make it easier for them to maintain or increase program funding.

Each designated approach/program is featured in a case study webinar. A video and transcript of the webinar, and a written case study based on the webinar, are publicly available after the webinar.
Program organizers can use the Landmark logo to indicate their designation. When used on your website or in electronic newsletters, a unique embedded HTML code provides direct click-through access to your program's online case study materials.

Selected nominations are published on the Tools of Change website even if they have not been designated.  
To view Landmark case studies designated in past years, go to
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